Is Laser Cataract Surgery Better Than Traditional Surgery?


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While traditional surgery remains to be a popular and effective treatment, the laser approach is more precise in the incision, capsulotomy and astigmatic correction procedure involved in cataract removal. The femtosecond laser technology brings an elevated level of safety, accuracy and advancement to cataract surgery, according to AllAboutVision.com.

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Is Laser Cataract Surgery Better Than Traditional Surgery?
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In the traditional cataract surgery, the surgeon uses a metal tool to make an incision in the part where the sclera meets the cornea. In laser cataract surgery, the surgeon forms a clear-cut surgical plan based on the details shown by optical coherence tomography. This guides the surgeon to create an incision at a precise location with an exact depth and length in all sections, states AllAboutVision.com.

During capsulotomy, another step in cataract surgery, the surgeon tries to gain access to the cataract, explains AllAboutVision.com. In the traditional approach, the surgeon uses a small needle to open the eye’s capsule and then to create a well-positioned tear measuring 5 to 6 millimeters in diameter. According to research, laser technology lends more precision to the capsulotomy step, which eventually facilitates better positioning of the intraocular lens, which is essential for the patient’s visual acuity after the surgery.

After the capsulotomy, the surgeon removes the cataract. Traditionally, the surgeon guides an ultrasonic device through the incision with the aim of destroying and then suctioning the cataract tissue. This procedure poses a certain risk of burning to the incision, which can affect the overall visual outcome and lead to post-op astigmatism. With the laser technology, the cataract is softened as it is destroyed, which allows easier removal and lesser chance of distorting the incision. The laser also decreases the chance of capsule breakage and other eye complications, states AllAboutVision.com.

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