What Are Some of the Largest Senior Homeless Shelters?


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Some of the larger senior programs for homeless people include Sunbeam Emergency Shelter of Oklahoma, DOROT’s Homelessness Prevention Program of New York, and Senior Homeless Independent Living Homes of California. These programs provide shelter and housing to adults over the age of 55 or 60, depending on their bylaws.

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Although most homeless shelters do not segregate by age (except in the case of minors), a handful of shelters and transitional housing programs focus specifically on seniors. Numerous programs also offer assisted living and subsidized housing to seniors who already have homes. A list of these programs can be found at ProgramsForElderly.com. Among the shelters and senior homeless programs it lists are Oklahoma City's Sunbeam Emergency Shelter, Bay Area Community Services Homeless Senior Outreach, and New York City's Homelessness Prevention and Aftercare Program.

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