What Is a Lacerated Liver?


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A lacerated liver involves an injury that can be either a cut or tear on this organ. The main causes of a lacerated liver are blunt and penetrating traumas. A liver injury is categorized according to different grades from 1 through 6, states Merck Manual.

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The liver is found on the right side of the abdominal region, so a laceration can occur when there is blunt trauma to the abdomen as the result of a car collision or serious fall, for example. It can also occur if a sharp object penetrates the organ, which is called a penetrating trauma.

Grades 1 through 3 involve liver lacerations of varying degrees of wound depth ranging from 1.0 to over 3.0 centimeters. The injury also can cause a hematoma, hemorrhage, abdominal pain and possible shock. A small laceration can cause a hemorrhage, but it can cease on its own, especially in small children, reports Benioff Children's Hospital of Oakland. Larger liver injuries can cause a serious hemorrhage and may lead to complications. When there is a severe hemorrhage, surgery is necessary.

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