How Does L-Citrulline Benefit You?


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L-citrulline boosts the immune system and increases nitric oxide production in the body, states WebMD. It promotes a healthy heart, arteries and blood vessels. Research suggests that it decreases blood pressure for people with hypertension, which can be a precursor to high blood pressure and heart disease.

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L-citrulline helps blood to flow through the body better by relaxing the arteries. The kidneys change L-citrulline into L-arginine and nitric oxide, which are both associated with blood vessel and cardiac health. They both help to improve the immune system, which is necessary for fending off disease. L-citrulline may be given to children after heart surgery, as it may help to prevent blood pressure complications, notes WebMD.

L-citrulline may be used as a safer alternative to erectile dysfunction medicines, although it is not as powerful as other products, such as Viagra. Research suggests that L-citrulline may help to speed up wound healing times for people with diabetes. Elderly people may take L-citrulline to prevent malnourishment and boost muscle protein levels, states WebMD.

Studies suggest that L-citrulline may be an effective treatment for intestinal problems, such as celiac disease, short bowel syndrome or small bowel damage caused by radiation. Taking L-citrulline may help with genetic conditions, such as liver disease. It may also help with Parkinson's and certain forms of dementia, according to WebMD.

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