Are There Any Known Interactions Between Warfarin and Eggs?


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Foods rich in Vitamin K, such as egg yolks, decrease the effectiveness of warfarin, states Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters. While patients can eat egg yolks while taking warfarin, drastically increasing or decreasing their egg consumption has a negative impact on the drug.

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Eggs are one of several dietary sources of Vitamin K, states MedlinePlus. Egg yolks, but not egg whites, are a rich source of Vitamin K-2, adds Today's Dietician.

Warfarin is a medication that prevents blood from clotting, as Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters explains. Because Vitamin K promotes blood clotting, the two can compete with one another. As long as an individual maintains a consistent daily level of Vitamin K, the drug's effect on the body remains in check. If a patient is already eating eggs as a common part of his diet, he should not stop after starting the drug, as doing so affects the drug's blood clotting action.

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