What Are Some Known Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection?


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Treating a urinary tract infection at home includes drinking a considerable amount of water, particularly during the first day of symptoms, according to WebMD. This dilutes the concentration of the urine and washes out the bacteria that lead to infection. Drinking cranberry juice is also a common home remedy.

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What Are Some Known Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection?
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In addition to the intense hydration, taking frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate also helps, and while in the bathroom, urinating as completely as possible removes as much urine from the bladder as possible. If discomfort accompanies the infection, taking a hot bath or placing a heating pad over the genital area alleviates the symptoms. It's important to turn the heating pad off or remove it before going to sleep, as WebMD advises.

Some women suffer from uncomplicated urinary tract infections frequently. In these cases, the doctor likely establishes a standing antibiotic prescription that the woman renews when she notices symptoms of the infection returning. This self-care at home relies on the patient's agreement to follow the doctor's instructions completely and to remain vigilant for the return of symptoms. Patients with this sort of arrangement should notify the doctor if the infections start happening more frequently or if the symptoms fail to improve as they normally do, according to WebMD.

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