What Are Some Known Cures for Loss of Taste?

What Are Some Known Cures for Loss of Taste?

In cases where loss of taste is caused by an underlying health condition, such as flu or bacterial sinusitis, the offending condition must be treated to restore taste. In other cases, lifestyle changes, such as improved oral hygiene and smoking cessation, may correct the problem, according to Healthline.

Bacterial sinusitis and throat infections can affect an individual's sense of taste. Doctors typically treat these conditions with antibiotics. Decongestants or antihistamines treat colds, flu and allergic rhinitis that impact taste, notes Healthline.

Zinc supplementation works to improve taste in some people. Studies reported in the Journal of Dental Research showed that 140 milligrams of zinc taken daily for three months improved taste in up to 50 percent of participants, according to the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

It is not uncommon for users of tobacco to lose the sense of taste. In this case, the smoker must quit smoking to improve his sense of taste. Ex-smokers notice improvement as soon as two days after quitting, says Healthline.

Poor dental hygiene can also lead to loss of taste. When plaque sits on the gum line too long, gingivitis results. Brushing and flossing eliminate plaque from the mouth, protect teeth from disease and decay and help restore the sense of taste, states Healthline.