Why Does My Knee Make Grinding Noises?


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The cartilage covering the bones grow uneven when a person grows up, creating a situation where the bones cross each other when a person stands or walks thus causing the knees to make noise, as stated by WebMD. Most people experience grinding noise from their knees but this condition is not an indication of a health issue. Individuals experiencing this condition do not have to be much concerned especially when the condition is not accompanied by pain and swelling.

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Noises from the knees sometimes occur when the ligaments move over the bones or tighten as a person moves. The bones around the knees are covered by cartilage that allows the smooth movement of the bones around the knee. As people grow older, the cartilages wear and tear and the surface starts being rough, causing the grinding noise that people experience around the knee.

Grinding noises from the knees are mostly experienced when an individual walks on stairs, rises up from a seat and during squatting. Muscles strengthening, especially to the front thigh, can help prevent the grinding noises experienced on the knees. An individual can strengthen other muscles through walking, biking, swimming and doing exercises that target the thighs. People experiencing this condition should visit a doctor for a diagnosis as the grinding sound may be a sign of meniscus tears or cartilage injury.

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