What Are Some Knee Exercises to Do Before Surgery?


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Presurgery knee exercises include thigh squeezes and straight leg raises, according to Healthline. Other useful exercises before knee surgery are lying kicks, knee bending, stomach kickbacks and sitting kicks. These exercises enhance flexibility, speed up recovery and make the knee stronger.

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What Are Some Knee Exercises to Do Before Surgery?
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Thigh squeezes build the quadriceps attached to the knee, claims Healthline. To do thigh squeezes, an individual lies on his back, pushes his knee back down toward the ground, and holds it in place for five seconds before releasing it. Straight leg raises help strengthen the hip flexor muscles aside from building quadriceps. It involves lying on the back, placing the faulty leg straight on the ground, and bending the healthy leg. Follow up by holding up the problem leg 12 inches from the ground for five seconds.

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