What Is the Kinesio Taping Technique?


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The Kinesio taping technique is a therapeutic taping method that aids the body's natural healing process while giving stability and support to muscles, reports the Kinesio Taping Association International. Kinesio taping enables freedom of movement and flow of body fluids thus speeding the healing process, says HowStuffWorks.

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Kinesio taping method has physiological effects on joints and various body systems such as the neural, circulatory, fascial and muscular systems. Applying the Kinesio Tex tape in a particular way causes desired changes in the body systems. Therapists use the technique to enhance muscle tone, correct movement patterns, move body fluids and improve posture, notes MedicineNet.

The method works on the skin by pulling the outer layer of skin thus increasing the space between the dermis and the muscle. Increased space enhances lymph drainage through the affected area. The space also relieves compression on the muscle due to injury, thus altering the information that nerve receptors deliver to the brain. The body becomes less reactive and functions in a more normal way. More space also enhances fluid movement through the muscles, causing a reduction in muscle fatigue, improved muscle contraction and an increased range of motion.

The Kinesio taping technique may cause various body corrections. Mechanical corrections improve stability and biomechanics, fascial corrections direct or create fascia movement whereas space corrections reduce pressure on the target tissue. Circulatory corrections aid in moving lymphatic fluid to less congested areas. Ligament or tendon corrections reduce stress on a ligament or tendon and functional corrections lead to sensory stimulation that allows or limits motion, states MedicineNet.

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