What Kinds of Reviews Does Pimt4Life Generally Receive?


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As of 2016, reviews outside of the Pimt4Life website are generally skeptical of the product. A Nutricell blog from 2012 finds the lack of scientific information on the product questionable. The Better Business Bureau also gives the company that created Pimt4Life a failing grade for unsubstantiated medical claims.

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Pimt4Life's Facebook page claims it was the Best Scientific Breakthrough of 2010 and it has the entire medical community raving. However, the Better Business Bureau listed an alert in 2013 for Cellular Life Research Center, the creator of Pimt4Life, stating that medical claims made on its website have not been substantiated.

According to a Nutricell blog from 2012, Pimt4Life claims to contain an enzyme to stop cell degeneration. However, the blog author did not link any of the provided product ingredients to the PIMT enzyme that supposedly makes the product effective. The blog post criticizes the price and the lack of scientific information on the product. In addition, a doctor on JustAnswer.com claimed during 2014 that there is no known clinical trial data confirming benefits from Pimt4Life.

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