What Kinds of Household Remedies Are Effective in Treating Cold Sores?


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Most cases of cold scores clear up on their own, but a person can manage the condition at home by using mouth rinse that contains baking powder, avoiding foods with acid and drinking plenty of fluids. Cold sores are a skin infection that is caused by a virus called herpes simplex. A person may contract this condition in childhood, but may not show symptoms.

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Cold sores are not a source of concern as these does not lead to permanent damage to the skin. Usually, no medical treatment is required to treat this condition and it gets better on its own overtime. One should not break the blisters as that can trigger another secondary infection. Placing a wet towel on the sores three times per day will help to reduce swelling and redness. If one has a sore mouth, he or she can use a mouth rinse that contains backing powder to soothe the sore. A person should avoid eating foods with high acid content, such as tomatoes and citrus fruit, as stated by WebMD.

One should always wash the hands frequently and should avoid touching the sores. Sharing items, such as towels and razors, is unnecessary as it may lead to transmission of the condition.

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