What Kinds of Hearing Aids Does HearUSA Offer?


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HearUSA offers discounts on all types of hearing aids, including digital hearing aids in behind-the-ear, open fit, comfort and cosmetic styles, according to HearUSA. It also offers hearing enrichment products, such as telecaption devices, pocket talkers, telephone amplifiers, and special alarm clocks and doorbells.

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HearUSA provides hearing care, hearing aids and hearing enrichment products through a hearing care network with locations across the United States, says HearUSA. Members of the program receive a discount on hearing care and supplies when using an authorized provider. The hearing aid discount is available for all types of hearing aids dispensed by the patient's authorized caregiver. Most hearing aids have digital circuits to maximize speech-like sounds and minimize background noise for improved speech recognition. Hearing aids with directional technology filter out sounds from certain directions for better hearing.

Digital hearing aid circuits usually fit in all styles of hearing aids, explains HearUSA. This allows patients to choose a style of aid that works best for their needs. Behind-the-ear aids provide a flexible fit and are suitable for patients with a wide range of hearing losses. Open-fit hearing aids have a hidden behind-the-ear component connected to an in-ear piece by a discreet wire. Cosmetic-style hearing aids are small and discreet in-ear units. Comfort-style hearing aids are similar to cosmetic-style hearing aids but they're slightly larger and offer more features.

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