What Kinds of Foods Are on a Low Carb Diet Meal Planner?

What Kinds of Foods Are on a Low Carb Diet Meal Planner?

Fish, fowl, meat, a wide range of vegetables and certain dairy products appear on many different low-carb meal plans. Depending on the type of low-carb diet, some fruits are acceptable choices during later phases of the diet.

A quick study of several popular low-carb diets reveals the similarities, and the diversity, of their meal plans. The Protein Power diet, the Atkins diet and Authority Nutrition's low-carb diet meal plan all emphasize lean protein choices at every phase.

Within each food category there is tremendous variety. The fish category encompasses all fish, including salmon, trout, cod, tuna and sardines. Ham and bacon are acceptable, but Dr. Atkins exhorts prospective dieters to read product labels for cured meats, which often contain sugar, and then factor in any extra carbs.

Protein Power, Atkins and Authority Nutrition meal plans include all fowl, all red meat and even venison. The Protein Power diet advocates low-fat cheese, but Authority Nutrition includes high-fat dairy on its low-carb meal plan. Eggs, fats and oils are also okay.

Low-carb meal plans tend to include all kinds of vegetables, but the recommended daily amounts vary depending on the low-carb daily threshold that the diet entails and a particular vegetable's carbohydrate content. Dieters who attempt Atkins may have 1/2 cup of tomato daily in phase one, but are not allowed any other fruits in any quantities.