What Kinds of Food Should Be Eaten When One Has a Hiatal Hernia?


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Low acid producing foods, including those that are low in fat, help to reduce the symptoms of a hiatal hernia, according to WebMD. Since each person is different, some find it useful to keep a food diary, noting which foods cause problems with the hernia.

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Foods that are often safe for a hiatal hernia include low-fat chicken and vegetables, with the exception of peppers, onion and garlic, and grains. If other beverages irritate the hiatal hernia, WebMd indicates water is usually safe. Adding butter when cooking increases the problem. Lifestyle changes, including reducing the size of the meal while increasing the number of meals, is also helpful in decreasing hiatal hernia symptoms.

Apples, bananas and other low acid fruits typically do not cause problems with a hiatal hernia, although citrus fruits, which are high acid, are more likely to cause pain. Low fat milk or soy substitutes are often a better choice. Spicy, fatty and tomato based foods cause problems for many people with this problem. Chocolate, mint, coffee and carbonated beverages are also likely to cause irritation, reports WebMD.

Sometimes it is not the food that causes the problem, but the way it is prepared, according to WebMD. Fried chicken or vegetables are more likely to cause problems than baked chicken and steamed vegetables.

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