What Kinds of Food Should You Eat If You Have IBS?


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IBS sufferers should try to eat veggies, citrus fruits, berries, plant-based oils and lean meats, recommends WebMD. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a term used to describe pain, discomfort and other irregularities of the gut that cannot be identified as a known disease or disorder.

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What Kinds of Food Should You Eat If You Have IBS?
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People with IBS typically have difficulty with digestion and elimination, and symptoms tend to become exacerbated after certain foods are consumed, comments WebMD. To treat IBS, doctors often begin by recommending dietary changes. The patient may be asked to avoid a long list of foods for a period of time before slowly reintroducing each item. This can help the clinician identify trigger foods that cause symptoms to spike.

According to a study cited on Health.com, consuming both soluble fiber and peppermint oil may provide some relief for IBS symptoms. Getting enough fiber and eating small meals at regular intervals can also aid in digestion, says MayoClinic. It's a good ideal to keep a food diary so problem foods can be noted and avoided in future. Patients may find some relief by avoiding carbonated drinks, caffeine, dairy products and foods that are high in sugar. It can also help to stay away from fried foods, artificial sweeteners and overly spicy foods.

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