What Kinds of Equipment Do Registered Nurses Use?


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According to KS Dunham for The Nest, most registered nurses use a stethoscope, hemostat, watch with a second hand, penlight and bandage scissors. Nurses have access to different types of advanced equipment depending on their job duties. Examples include portable glucometers or pulse oximeters, rolling vital sign kits and mobile electronic charting systems. Additional tools include automated IV pumps, patient-controlled analgesia pumps and complex ventilation and blood gas monitoring equipment.

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What Kinds of Equipment Do Registered Nurses Use?
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Most of the equipment operated by nurses is strictly for diagnostic purposes, according to Dunham. Nurses frequently use tools to monitor patients' vital signs, including heartbeat, blood oxygen levels and blood pressure.

Registered nurse Beth Greenwood for the Houston Chronicle explains that nurses must be computer-literate, as they often rely heavily on machines to schedule staff, manage timekeeping, order medications or supplies and conduct research. Some health organizations depend on computers for all patient care documentation through the use of electronic health records. Nurses who work with these systems may use them to document medication dosages, dressing changes and other treatments in the computer rather than on paper. Nurses working in specialty areas may have access to equipment like fetal monitors, peak flow systems and portable water collection systems. Occasionally, nurses may be required to undergo advanced training to qualify to operate complicated machinery.

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