What Kind of Transportation Assistance Is Available for the Elderly?

What Kind of Transportation Assistance Is Available for the Elderly?

Transportation options for seniors include volunteer driver programs, paratransit and private agencies offering door to door services for seniors. In some cases, the senior's insurance may cover transportation to medical appointments. For many seniors, the need for transportation assistance is second only to their medical needs.

In some communities, faith-based and nonprofit organizations operate volunteer driver programs. The services are often low cost or free for seniors. These organizations provide transportation to doctor's appointments, shopping and recreation. Most require calling ahead of time for an appointment.

Private agencies operate small buses or vans for transportation needs. These vehicles sometimes include special equipment, such as wheelchair lifts that make transporting the senior easier.

Some private agencies also offer door to door services. These agencies meet the senior at his door instead of at the curbside and provide assistance in moving the senior from the house to the vehicle. They provide similar services when unloading at the destination. The driver may provide assistance with bags and other items the senior requires for the trip.

Vision impairment, slower reaction times and physical limitations often prevent seniors from safely operating a vehicle. Many continue driving because they do not know of other options. The options available often differ by location.