What Kind of Skin Rash Causes Burning?


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A burning skin rash may be caused by shingles, according to Merck. Contact dermatitis, a rash that develops after contact with an allergen, such as poison ivy, fragrances in soap or medications applied to the skin, may also result in a rash than burns, states WebMD.

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What Kind of Skin Rash Causes Burning?
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The burning and itching associated with shingles may appear before the rash itself appears, notes Merck. These sensations are most often experienced on the torso and are localized on one side of the body. The rash typically appears in the same place where the early burning and itching sensations were felt. It's important for patients to seek treatment for shingles as soon as the burning or itching appears, as taking prescription antiviral medications in the first 72 hours of symptoms reduces the risk of complications.

Contact dermatitis is the technical tern for a general rash than appears after a person touches something, states WebMD. Some rashes caused by contact dermatitis are itchy, while others burn. Some contact dermatitis is caused by allergic reactions to substances such as poison ivy or latex, while other cases are caused by physical damage to the outer later of the skin. Rashes that cover a small area can be treated with hydrocortisone cream. Blistering rashes can be soothed with cold, moist compresses. Patients should seek medical treatment for burning rashes that do not clear up within several days.

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