What Kind of Services Does Guardian Anytime Dental Provide?

What Kind of Services Does Guardian Anytime Dental Provide?

Guardian Anytime dental provides group dental insurance plans to employers for use by their employees. Plans are provided at reasonable prices and give policy holders access to a wide network of dental professionals.

The company's dental plan offers DentalGuard, a large network featuring thousands of pre-screened dental providers in numerous locations across the United States. As of 2015, the network has more than 229,000 locations available for its members.

Guardian Anytime dental has more benefits than their DentalGuard network. Policy holders recieve access to the network via a smartphone app and receive discounted rates for services. They are also granted rollover rights through the Maximum Rollover program. This makes it possible for policy holders to transfer unused benefits from one policy term to another.

Guardian Anytime dental covers a number of services, from simple routine cleanings or fluoride treatments to complicated procedures like dental implants. Programs meant to encourage preventative dental care are also provided. Oral cancer screenings and health maintenance programs are also available.

The plan's benefits are not exclusive to employee policy holders. Guardian Anytime dental also offers benefits to employers. Plans are flexible enough to serve businesses of any type or size, making compliance with government regulations possible.