What Kind of Natural Home Remedies Can You Use for a Kidney Infection?


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Home remedies that help with discomfort from a kidney infection include applying heat, staying hydrated and taking a nonprescription pain reliever. However, antibiotics are required to treat most kidney infections effectively, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Applying heat on the abdomen or back helps reduce pain and pressure caused by a kidney infection. Staying hydrated aids in flushing bacteria out of the urinary tract, explains Mayo Clinic. It is also advised to avoid drinking beverages such as coffee and alcohol as these may aggravate the infection. If a fever is being experienced with the infection, taking a nonaspirin pain reliever may help reduce symptoms. Be sure to use any medications as directed by a doctor.

The type of antibiotics prescribed for a kidney infection vary depending on urine test results and the current health condition of the patient. Symptoms of a kidney infection usually leave after a few days of treatment. However, the antibiotics may need to be taken for another week, says Mayo Clinic.

Severe kidney infections may require hospitalization. Hospital treatment involves antibiotics that are given intravenously. The length of the hospital stay is dependent on how serious the infection is, adds Mayo Clinic. Kidney infections that are recurring are usually a result of an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed.

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