What Kind of Injury Is an Avulsion?


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An avulsion is an acute traumatic injury resulting from an accident or surgical procedure. The most common avulsion is a skin avulsion, where skin has been torn away from the underlying structures, exposing muscle, tendons or bone, according to WebMD.

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Wikipedia lists other, less common types of avulsions: ear, eyelid, nail, tooth and nerve. Surgical avulsions are planned procedures used in conjunction with more complicated medical procedures where the surface detachment of skin or nail tissue is medically necessary. In a matricectomy, all or part of the base nail portion, called the nail matrix, is chemically destroyed or intentionally removed, according to MedicineNet. There are many types of treatment options for avulsions. Doctors can let the skin reattach and heal on its own without further intervention, manually reattach and suture the wound or in severe cases, graft new skin on top of the wound, notes Medscape.

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