What Kind of Information Is Available on Diet for Low Blood Platelets?


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The Platelet Disorder Support group has a website that has diet information for those with a low platelet county, the Platelet Disorder Support group notes. Under the Treatments tab, there is information on how food can be used as a cure for the disorder.

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The information included in the food as a cure section of the Platelet Disorder Support group website includes the type of diet that patients should implement when battling the disorder, including eating fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens are important and cutting out foods that are high in sugar may also help when trying to manage a low platelet count, the group explains.

Eliminating white flour, white rice, and foods that contain few nutrients and add to obesity can be helpful, as these foods rob the body of minerals and vitamins and promote acid indigestion. Anyone who is suffering from low platelet disorder should have a nutrient dense, organic diet. There are foods that cause low platelets and eliminating them may help raise the platelet count. These foods include foods that contain quinine, such as bitter lemon, bitter melon and tonic water; foods that contain aspartame, such as diet soda and sugar-free cakes and candy; and alcohol, such as hard liquor, beer and wine.

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