What Kind of Glue Is Safe to Use for Repair on Dentures and Plates?

A person can use crazy glue to fix dentures when time doesn't allow for alternatives, according to WebMD. Professional repairs are recommended, however, as most patients cannot refit the tooth correctly.

Ensuring that dentures are cared for correctly is easy to do for most people, and there are some tips to achieve this, states WebMD. For instance, those who wear dentures should not sleep with them as acts such as grinding or clenching the teeth at night may break the dentures. Dentures are also delicate, so when wearers clean or handle dentures, it is recommended to stand over a sink filled with water, or over a towel or rug. If the dentures fall, they can land in a safe area.

Storing dentures properly is also important to ensure they stay in one piece, explains WebMD. Dentures should be stored in warm water or a denture cleaning solution. Hot water may cause dentures to lose their shape, and if dentures dry out, they can become very brittle and prone to breaking. Denture wearers should also avoid using devices such as toothpicks to clean dentures as these items may damage the dentures. By ensuring that dentures are being cared for and seeing a dentist twice a year, those who wear dentures can avoid having to make self-repairs.