What Kind of Fatty Foods Are Best to Avoid?


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Fatty foods that should be avoided as part of a healthy diet include potato chips, pork sausage, cheese and crackers, ice cream and French fries. These foods are among those highest in fat, sugar, salt and empty calories.

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Potato chips carry 10 grams of fat per ounce, one pork sausage link contains 8 grams of saturated fat, cheese and crackers combine for 17 grams of fat, a small scoop of ice cream has 19 grams of fat and 300 calories, and French fries contain 19 grams of fat and 300 calories.

These and other fatty foods may contribute to high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Simple alternatives like baked potato chips, turkey sausage, reduced fat cheese and whole wheat crackers, low-fat ice cream or nonfat yogurt, and homemade baked French fries are much healthier options.

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