What Kind of Exercises Can You Do to Get Rid of Sagging in Your Chin?


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To eliminate sagging around the chin, tip your head back, and pucker your lips. You should look as though you want to kiss the ceiling. Keep your lips in a puckered position for roughly five seconds, and repeat the exercise up to 10 times. Ensure that your spine remains as vertical as possible during this workout. As another option, roll your head from each shoulder to the center of your chest, allowing your chin to lay against the upper torso.

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Exhale when moving your head from each shoulder to the middle of your chest. Inhale when moving your head from your chest to each shoulder. As with the puckered lip exercise, ensure that your spine remains upright through the duration of this workout. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times.

Exercises that reduce sagging around the chin also usually improve the firmness of the jaw and neck. The exercises work by stretching muscles and releasing tension. While some people can get rid of their sagging chins by simply losing weight from general exercise, other people require more extensive methods. This is particularly true for those who have sagging chins because of genetics.

People who'd rather avoid exercise can try face creams that target sagging skin tissue.

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