What Kind of Doctor Specializes in Lipoma Treatment?

A plastic surgeon specializes in lipoma removal, a procedure using liposuction or a press-and-squeeze technique to remove the fatty, noncancerous tumors, states Darrick Antell, M.D. Generally, existing lipomas do not need treatment, and there is no treatment that prevents or slows their growth, as of 2015, states WebMD.

When a lipoma repeatedly becomes painful, inflamed or infected; increases in size; or interferes with movement, the patient may choose to undergo surgery to remove the growth, notes WebMD. Lipomas can grow deeper into muscle, push on nerves and cause discomfort, according to Dr. Antell, a board-certified New York plastic surgeon. Most lipoma surgeries are performed as outpatient surgery under local anesthesia, and the incisions are closed with dissolving stitches.