What Kind of Diet Is Recommended After Gallbladder Surgery?


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A recommended diet after a gallbladder surgery contains low-fat foods, such as zero-fat yogurt; bland foodstuffs, such as rice and bananas; reduced-cholesterol foods; and nonalcoholic beverages, according to SF Gate. The patient should avoid spicy foods, states Everyday Health.

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What Kind of Diet Is Recommended After Gallbladder Surgery?
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Bland foods, including toast, pasta and soup, are usually soft and easy to digest, notes SF Gate. After gallbladder surgery, the patient should eat at most 50 grams of fats per day, and this may include about 4 ounces of baked, boiled or boiled poultry, fish or lean meat and skim milk. The patient should avoid fried meat, cream, whole milk, biscuits and doughnuts. The individual should avoid soups that are high in sodium if he suffers from high blood pressure.

Healthy fats that a person without a gallbladder can eat include fish and olive oils, according to SF Gate. Because gallstones are unable to form under this condition, the person may eat cholesterol-boosting foods that he previously avoided, such as liver, eggs and certain sea foods. However, the patient should limit the amount of total fats in the diet in order to prevent inflammation and cardiovascular problems.

Foods that induce gas production and foods high in fiber may aggravate the problem, reports Everyday Health. The patient should gradually increase fiber foods, including brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower, cereals and whole grain bread into the diet.

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