What Kind of Diet Do People With Ischemic Colitis Need to Be On?


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Depending on the severity of the ischemic colitis and the age of the sufferer, intravenous fluids may be needed along with hospitalization and a complete cessation of eating and drinking by mouth, according to Everyday Health. A slow return to a normal diet is usually possible after approximately two weeks.

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The exact cause of ischemic colitis is often unknown, and most individuals who suffer an episode recover and never experience another one, thus there is no specific way to prevent the condition, according to Mayo Clinic. Because ischemic colitis is most common in individuals over age 60, those at risk may be instructed to avoid medications that affect blood flow and to exercise regularly. Cholesterol-lowering medication and treatment for other existing conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, may also be recommended.

Ischemic colitis is the result of insufficient oxygen delivery to the cells of the digestive system, states Mayo Clinic. Blocked arteries reduce the blood flow to the colon, causing abdominal pain and cramping, and often the passing of blood through the rectum. The pain is normally located on the left side of the belly, but when the symptoms present on the right side, the pain is more severe and often indicates that the blood that feeds the small intestines is blocked. Necrosis of the intestinal tissue, a life-threatening condition, is possible.

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