What Kind of Body Language Do Males Use When Flirting?


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When flirting, males use the kind of body language that indicates traditional, strong masculinity such as standing with feet apart and pointing the feet towards his woman of interest. A man also flirts with body language by smiling and making eye contact.

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In addition to pointing feet towards his romantic interest, a man using flirting body language tries to choose a masculine pose that appears stronger and more manly than other men in the room. An interested man takes his body language a step farther and initiates brief bodily contact with the woman. Beyond a man's stance, a flirting man makes prolonged eye contact for the simple reason that a man likes to look at a woman in whom he has an interest.

If a woman catches his eye and the man looks away, the man might be embarrassed but still interested. Smiling is also body language a man uses to flirt because a smile is a man's effort to engage a woman. A man that smiles at a woman has an interest in the woman and wants to show his interest with an inviting smile.

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