What Are Some Killer Ab Workouts for Men?


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Some killer abdominal workouts for men are the Spiderman plank crunch, bicycle crunch and cross crunch, according to Men's Fitness. Each of these exercises is designed to give abdominal muscles a tougher workout than the standard crunch.

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Men's Fitness describes the Spiderman plank crunch is a plank exercise with a twist. The individual starts in the plank stance, toes and forearms touching the ground. Keeping his body straight, he brings one of his knees toward his elbow and returns to the plank stance. This movement is completed on the other side, and the entire exercise should be repeated 10 times.

The bicycle crunch targets muscles by mixing two basic exercises: the bicycle and the crunch. The individual lies on his back, places his hands behind his head, raises one leg and bends the other leg at about 90 degrees. From here, the individual alternates bringing his left elbow toward his right knee and his right elbow toward his left knee for about 60 seconds.

The cross crunch is done while the individual is on the floor with his body forming an "X," stretching his arms and legs out diagonally. From here, the individual brings his right arm up toward his left foot, lifting his head, neck and shoulders off of the ground. Then, he repeats the motion on the other side. This should be done 10 times on both sides and tones the lower abdominal muscles.

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