How Do You Kill Skin Parasites?

Topical creams and lotions effectively kill skin parasites such as scabies. These generally require a doctor's prescription, but in concert with sterilization of clothing, bedding, towels and other fabric items that affected people have touched, these remedies eliminate the bugs, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is important to apply the cream or lotion to the entire skin from neck to toes rather than just applying to areas in which a rash or other symptoms appear, as the parasites may move to escape the medicine. When treating children or infants, it is important to apply the cream or lotion to the whole neck and head, because skin parasites can show up on the face and scalp in addition to the rest of the body, according to the CDC.

All linens that a person suffering from skin parasites has touched should go through a hot wash cycle and through drying on the hottest setting. To kill the parasites in the linens before washing, it is important to place the linens in an airtight plastic bag for a minimum of 72 hours. Many skin parasites, such as skin mites, do not survive more than a couple of days without contact from human skin, states the CDC.