How Do You Kill Head Lice and Their Eggs?


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Kill head lice and eggs with a medicated shampoo, lotion or cream rinse, as recommended by Kids Health. However, do not expose children under the age of 2 to medicated shampoos. Instead, remove lice and eggs from wet hair by hand with a fine-toothed comb.

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When using medicated treatments on hair, never apply more than the recommended amount, cautions Kids Health. Lice treatments are technically pesticides and can be dangerous. Applying more does not increase the efficiency of the medication. Sometimes, shampoos and lotions are supplemented with an oral medication to treat very resistant lice. These lice may survive the medication period, and treatment may need to be repeated 7 to 10 days later.

After the medication period is over, comb out the remaining lice and eggs, suggests Kids Health. Wet and condition the hair first; the water helps immobilize the lice, while the conditioner helps the comb move easily through the hair. For children, repeat this process three to four times per day for two weeks.

Once the lice are removed from the hair, they die very quickly, states Kids Health. To prevent re-infestation, wash and dry bedding, combs and clothing thoroughly. Lice only live for a short time when removed from the scalp.

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