How Do You Kill Fungus in the Sinuses?


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Fungal infections of the sinuses are serious conditions that often require surgery to eliminate, according to The Merck Manual Home Edition. While fungi exist normally in the environment and in the nasal cavity, a fungal infection causes significant inflammation of the nasal and sinus cavities.

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Fungus balls grow in the sinuses of otherwise healthy individuals, explains The Merck Manual Home Edition. These Aspergillus fungi cause significant pain, congestion and pressure. The patient requires surgery to remove the fungal debris. Invasive fungal infections are rare and usually affect people with otherwise compromised immune systems. Chemotherapy and diseases such as leukemia or HIV are common in individuals with invasive fungal infections. The infection sometimes spreads to the eye socket and without treatment causes blindness. Medical personnel treat the infection using intravenous drugs and surgery. Invasive fungal infections are often life-threatening.

Allergic fungal sinusitis causes congestion and nasal polyps as an allergic reaction to the fungus. Polyps block the entrance to the sinuses and result in chronic inflammation, notes The Merck Manual Home Edition. This condition also often requires surgery to open the sinuses and remove the fungal debris. Patients usually require medications including antibiotics, steroids and antifungal drugs. While such drugs reduce inflammation, the chances of reinfection are high.

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