How Do You Kill Bird Mites on Humans?


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Daily showering is essential for human skin attacked by bird mites as the first line of defense. While there are other places the mites can be found, such as in the scalp, nostrils, ears and mouth, a mixture of other remedies for these areas can be used with home products, explains Birdmites.org.

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Daily showering is usually effective in removing bird mites from the skin, but in extreme cases it may be necessary to have a professional skin scraping. To remove bird mites from the hair and scalp a coal tar shampoo is advised followed by a vinegar/water rinse or a diluted lemon juice rinse, as explained on Birdmites.org. For the nostrils and mouth, use a combination of sublimed sulphur power and Vaseline and apply the mix around the lips and nose at night. During the day, the nostril area should receive a saline flush of 1 teaspoon sea salt and 2 ounces warm water (used once or twice a day). The ears should be protected with earplugs while sleeping, and rinsed with a dropper bottle made of 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent white vinegar during the daytime. Contaminated clothing must be washed with either bleach or Borax; if this is not possible, they should be discarded.

In regards to an infestation of a home, carpeting, couches and beds must all be treated with a strong organic miticide or a fogging device (filled with a cedar formula that closes the breathing pores of the bird mites). If none of these treatments work, it may be necessary to call in an exterminator, suggests MiteTreatments.com.

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