How Do You Do a Kickflip?


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To do a kickflip, start rolling forwards, position yourself correctly and do an ollie. Slide your front foot out and down, move your legs out of the way, catch the tail and land. The kickflip is the most difficult of the basic skateboarding tricks.

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  1. Start riding in kickflip position

    Most skateboarders find that kickflips are easier when in motion. The back foot should be flat on the tail of the skateboard, and the ball of the front foot should sit directly behind the screws that hold the front trucks in place.

  2. Jump and launch the board

    Quickly snap the tail of the skateboard down, jump and slide your front foot forward just like a regular ollie. As your front foot reaches the front truck, slide it towards the heel edge corner, and flick the board out and down, spinning it one revolution. This requires practice to perfect.

  3. Move your feet

    It's important that you move your feet out of the way of the spinning board. Pull your front foot out and up towards your body. Keep your shoulders level in the air.

  4. Stop the skateboard and land

    When the board is has spun all the way around once, catch it with your back foot and land on the ground. Keep your knees bent to absorb the impact.

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