What Is the Kekwick Diet?


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According to Paunchiness, the Kekwick diet consists of consuming 1,000 calories per day in a diet that is 90 percent fat. The diet was named after Alan Kekwick, who was one of its developers.

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According to Paunchiness, the diet was developed as part of a study by Alan Kekwick and Gaston Pawan entitled “Calorie Intake in Relation to Body Weight Changes in the Obese." The study examined three groups of overweight individuals. Each group was given a different 1,000-calorie diet. One group's diet was 90 percent carbohydrates, the next was 90 percent protein, and the third was 90 percent fat. The group receiving 1,000 calories of a 90 percent fat diet lost nearly a pound a day during the study.

The Paunchiness site cautions that this diet should not be used except by those who are insulin-resistant and have been unable to lose weight through any other means. According to the site, individuals considering this diet should consult with their doctor to ensure that an inability to lose weight may not be due to thyroid problems, yeast overgrowth, hyperinsulism or because of any medications currently prescribed. The site also recommends that users try the diet for a brief induction period to see if it has any effect. If not, the diet may not be right for them.

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