How Do Kegel Exercises Help Men?

Kegel exercises help men strengthen the pelvic floor, improving sexual function, bladder control and bowel control, states Mayo Clinic. Kegel exercises also help men who sprinkle after urinating as well as those who experience issues with fecal and urinary incontinence.

Beginning Kegel exercises by learning the proper technique helps improve issues with the muscles of the pelvic floor, according to Mayo Clinic. Men can perform these exercises at almost any time, helping correct damage from surgery and diseases such as diabetes or overactive bladder.

Finding the right muscles by stopping urination or tightening muscles that prevent passing gas allows isolation of the correct muscles in the pelvic floor, advises Mayo Clinic. It may be easier to start Kegel exercises while lying on the floor, but men may do them in different positions, such as walking, standing and sitting, as the muscles get stronger.

Proper technique involves tightening and holding the pelvic muscles for three-second intervals, with three seconds between each repetition, says Mayo Clinic. Ideally, men do 10 sets in a row about three times, daily. Some doctors do not approve of constantly using Kegel exercises for stopping urine flow, believing there is an increase in the chance of developing a urinary tract infection.

Within a month of beginning, patients see improvement in the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, states Mayo Clinic. Keeping Kegel exercises as a regular part of the daily routine maintains the renewed strength of the pelvic muscles.