How Do You Do Kegel Exercises for Men?

Kegel exercises for men are performed by contracting the pelvic floor muscles and releasing the contraction in a series of repetitions. According to the Mayo Clinic, regularly performing Kegel exercises improves bladder control in patients with urinary incontinence and may enhance sexual performance.

The Mayo Clinic recommends several steps for men to properly perform Kegel exercises. First, the pelvic floor muscles should be isolated by stopping urination in midstream. When these muscles are contracted, the base of the penis rises toward the abdomen and the testicles rise. Once these muscles have been isolated, contract for up to 3 seconds and release. Perform a set of 10 of these contractions three times a day, exercising care not to contract other muscles in the thighs, buttocks or thighs for best results.

Men who suffer from urinary incontinence because of weakened pelvic floor muscles can improve or completely regain bladder control through the regular performance of Kegel exercises, according to WebMD.

Regular performance of Kegel exercises can also prove very helpful in the treatment of such sexual dysfunctions as premature ejaculation in men, says the Daily Mail. According to Italian research, regular practice of Kegel exercises by men suffering from premature ejaculation can increase the time before ejaculation up to fourfold. Of the 40 men who participated in the research, 33 showed improved times before ejaculation.