How Do You Keep Your Zeal for Weight Loss?


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To maintain your enthusiasm while attempting to lose weight, set realistic weight loss goals, plan to lose weight gradually, refuse to be a perfectionist, use the buddy system, be patient, and reward your successes. Tracking your progress from start to finish also helps you keep perspective.

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Before embarking on a weight loss journey, set realistic goals. Those who expect to lose more weight than is possible or advisable in a given period of time tend to give up completely. To build confidence, start with a small amount, such as 5 pounds, and then set new goals. Remember that those who lose weight slowly tend to keep it off, while those who use crash diets and other schemes often gain back all the weight they lost and more.

Avoid perfectionism, which often leads people to give up completely if they have so much as a bit of ice cream. If you slip up, just forgive yourself, and get back on track immediately. Find someone else who also wants to lose weight, and offer each other support. This helps people to not feel alone in their efforts and improves motivation and chances of success.

Be patient with yourself and the process. Sometimes the scale does not budge for a few days, and that is to be expected. As long as you stay on track, it is bound to move again. Reward yourself for hitting weight loss benchmarks by indulging in healthy pleasures, such as a massage, a new outfit or a spa day.

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