How Do I Keep the Muscular System Healthy?

To keep the muscular system healthy, a person must exercise regularly, have a balanced diet and get sufficient sleep, according to the American Physiological Society, AZCentral and Science Daily. The combination of these three requirements promotes recovery and prevents the muscular system from exhaustion.

Exercise is critical in keeping the muscular system at a healthy level. The body requires certain levels of oxygen and blood to reach the muscular areas, explains Sam Ashe-Edmund for AZCentral. Through physical activity, various body parts contract. This contraction increases blood flow and oxygen to muscular areas, thus improving the overall muscular system.

A balanced diet is also critical in muscular system maintenance. Certain nutrients are responsible for bodily replenishment. These nutrients include electrolytes, protein and carbohydrates. These nutrients work in synergy to ensure the muscular system is interacting with the other systems in the body. Fruits, vegetables and grains are some of the more common food groups that contain these nutrients, notes Tracey Allison Planinz for AZCentral.

A person must sleep regularly to promote a healthy muscular system. For those who exercise, sufficient sleep ranges from seven to 10 hours each night, states Science Daily from materials provided by the University of Toronto. When a person exercises, muscles become exhausted and torn. The muscular system cannot enter a state of recovery until the body sleeps. A consistent sleep schedule, meaning sleep during the same hours each day, is said to be most effective.