How Do You Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy?


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The key to maintaining a healthy lymphatic system is to keep lymph fluid moving through natural motion such as breathing, exercising and even massage, while consuming only clean food and water. According to Women to Women, the lymphatic system requires regular detoxification to function smoothly. A healthy lymphatic system in turn helps ward off disease.

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To improve the condition of the lymphatic system, Women to Women recommends decreasing the body's toxic load by eating organic food, eliminating simple carbohydrates and sugars, improving digestion by taking a medical grade multi-vitamin and probiotics, drinking at least six glasses of filtered or purified water each day, and following a hypoallergenic diet for two weeks from time to time to cleanse the body of various food irritants. Raw foods containing chlorophyll are particularly good for the lymphatic system. Deep breathing from the diaphragm along with daily exercise are also helpful in keeping the lymphatic system healthy.

Natural News reports that fatty acids are also good for the lymphatic system and notes that healthy sources of these include avocados, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, walnuts and almonds. The article indicates that consumption of the herbs wild indigo, goldenseal and echinacea also assist the lymphatic system by cleansing it. Massage is good for the system in that it stimulates lymph nodes, promoting the movement of lymph fluid through the system.

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