How Do You Keep Lice From Recurring After Treatment?


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Wash or dry clean any linens, clothing, pillows, stuffed toys and other portable upholstered items that anybody with lice has used to keep the infestation from recurring, notes KidsHealth. Soak hair accessories in medicated shampoo or alcohol for an hour, or just discard them.

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How Do You Keep Lice From Recurring After Treatment?
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The nits that hatch into lice sometimes remain on the head after treatment is finished. Even if the treatment has gotten all the lice and nits out of the hair, some could remain on the bed, clothes or other soft items. Any bed linens and clothing that you or anyone in the house with lice has worn or used recently should be washed in a hot-water cycle of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Follow this up with at least 20 minutes in the hot dryer cycle, reports KidsHealth.

Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture throughout the house, and repeat for cloth or leather car seats. Put the vacuum cleaner bag into the trash immediately. In the case of a bagless vacuum, empty the container into the outside trash immediately, wash the container thoroughly with hot water, and change the filter. Combs, barrettes, hair bands and brushes either need an hour of soaking or banishment to the outside trash. Make sure that everyone in the house is treated as lice easily jump from one person to another in close proximity, as stated by KidsHealth.

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