How Do You Keep a Blood Pressure Log Book?


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The American Heart Association provides an online blood pressure log that can be downloaded and printed at no charge. Site users need a blood pressure cuff and a printer. A wallet-sized version is also available, according to the AHA.

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Taking blood pressure at home is easy to do, though it is important to be consistent and take readings at the same time every day, states the AHA. It helps to be in relaxing place where you don't feel rushed.

Sit with your back straight in a chair or on a couch, with your feet flat on the floor, explains the AHA. There are several sizes of cuffs from which to choose, so make sure yours fits correctly. Choose a cuff that fits comfortably over your brachial artery, or ask your health care provider to help you find the right one.

Take two or three readings, one minute apart, and record all results on the American Heart Association's printable guide. It contains spots to record all three readings, as well a date/time slot and examples. As a safety precaution, the AHA recommends that patients know the emergency blood pressure levels, and call an emergency number when necessary. The AHA blood pressure log book contains a chart with the recommended blood pressure levels.

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