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Jusuru International, Inc. markets a line of fruit juices with health benefits under the Liquid BioCell brand name, as of 2015. The star ingredient in these products is a liquid form of BioCell Collagen TF, a nutrient that has been found to support joint health in numerous clinical trials. The company has been criticized based on the veracity of its medical claims, deceptive marketing strategies and high pricing.

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Jusuru's product line includes fruit juice formulations that combine its trademark Liquid BioCell with "superfruit" juices containing resveratrol and other antioxidants. Available formulations include Life, Sport, Skin, Pet and Equine.

Jusuru was invented when a nutrient called hyaluronic acid, or HA, was being researched for its observed ability to lengthen healthy life. Scientists failed to develop a food item or shot that effectively delivered the nutrient in a manner the human body could absorb, but Jusuru's founders discovered a naturally occurring form containing collagen, roughly approximating the molecular composition of human joints. This substance was also a liquid, which studies show is more bioavailable, or easier for the body to absorb, than other potential forms. The medical community raved about the discovery, awarding the company seven U.S. patents and showering it with praise on numerous media outlets. Jusuru also claims that its products promote healthy skin, but most of the science on the site discusses joint health.

The product's critics contend that the founders are not scientists, its patents do not prove its products are safe or effective, and question the doctors cited in the company's testimonials. Critics also doubt the veracity of the company's distribution model, which requires sellers to buy a certain amount each month regardless of sales, and provides rewards for signing up new wholesalers. None of the company's claims have been verified by the Food and Drug Administration.

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