What Is the Joy Fit Club Diet Plan?

The Joy Fit Club diet plan is a weight loss book resource that includes three strategies that guarantee success. It provides a full diet plan, more than 75 slimming recipes, and testimonies and advice from some real-life weight loss superstars.

Joy Fit Club diet plan began in 2008 as a simple health and wellness segment. Today, the resource has showed satisfactory results in pounds lost as well as saving the lives of many. The book is authored by Joy Bauer who wrote it to help Americans lose weight safely without diet pills, surgery, fasting or special foods. The members of this club come from all walks of life with a common goal of gaining control of their lives through losing weight.

The book is called "Joy Fit Club" because it has saved the lives of many by simply helping them lose weight. The resource is also inspirational due to the many success stories from celebrities and ordinary Americans. Bauer believes that diet meals should not be boring and tasteless; in fact, the meal plans she offers are easy to prepare and delicious. The club keeps members motivated and determined to lose weight without spending excessive amounts of time preparing meals.