What Does Joint Pain During Pregnancy Indicate?


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According to Mayo Clinic, joint pain is a common feature of a third-trimester pregnancy. It is usually a normal experience that occurs as a result of hormonal changes and carrying more weight. Healthline notes that some of the hormones pregnant women experience cause the pelvic joints to loosen, which in turn leads to pain. In many cases, this also increases the risk of experiencing back pain as well as sciatica.

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As WebMD states, an increase in weight during pregnancy causes the joints to overcompensate. This causes pain, especially in women who are not very active. Women can experience overuse injuries, which causes inflammation in the joints.

Engaging in some exercise during pregnancy reduces the pain associated with it. However, pregnancy is not the right time for vigorous exercise. Engaging in strengthening aerobic exercises combats the effects of relaxin, which is the hormone that causes joint pain. By strengthening the joints and the muscles, it reduces the painful effects of joints loosening. The Mayo Clinic recommends that women who experience severe pain and those who cannot get comfortable despite taking action at home should speak to a health care professional.

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