How Do You Join Omnilife USA?

How Do You Join Omnilife USA?

United States residents can join Omnilife by completing an online application at the company’s website, according to Omnilife Group. New members are required to purchase a distributor’s kit at enrollment.

All Omnilife members, whether purchasing products for private use or for selling to customers, are required to have a sponsor. A sponsor identification number must be entered during the enrollment process. Instructions are provided on the website for enrolling members who do not have a sponsor.

Once payment and the completed enrollment are submitted online, the new member receives an email containing a temporary password and user number for immediate use. After the initial purchase, members must use their own distributor numbers to make subsequent purchases.

Although enrollment can be submitted online, the Omnilife membership contract must be signed and returned to Omnilife by mail within 30 days of receipt. A copy of a photo ID must accompany the contract, and both documents must be mailed to the center that shipped the distribution kit.

Members who do not intend to sell Omnilife products for business are not required to complete the Internal Revenue Service form, according to Omnilife Group.

Omnilife Group is a developer, producer and distributor of dietary supplements including powdered and liquid vitamins and weight loss products.