What Are Some Jock Itch Treatments Recommended by Experts?

Most cases of jock itch can be treated with an over-the-counter anti-fungal lotion, ointment or spray, reports Mayo Clinic. The medication should be applied twice daily for 10 days. In severe cases, jock itch can be treated with prescription-strength anti-fungals.

Jock itch is also known as tinea cruris. It is a fungal infection affecting the groin area and inner thighs, according to Mayo Clinic. The condition usually appears as a red, itchy and circle-shaped rash. The rash is uncomfortable, but usually not a serious cause for concern.

Men develop jock itch at higher rates than women, reports Mayo Clinic. Wearing tight underwear can increase a person's chance of developing jock itch, because the fungus grows in damp environments. Obese people or people who sweat a lot are also at higher risk for developing jock itch. People with a compromised immune system may also develop jock itch.

Jock itch can be avoided by keeping the groin area clean and dry, notes Mayo Clinic. Cases of athlete's foot should be properly treated so that the fungus does not spread to the groin area. Jock itch is frequently diagnosed just by its appearance. However, in some cases, doctors may diagnose the condition via skin scrapings.