What Does a Jock Itch Rash Usually Look Like?


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Jock itch rashes normally appear as red patches of peeling skin or bumps that look like blisters, states WebMD. In addition, the center of the rash is often different in color than its edges, which are normally defined by a line of bumps outlining the rash.

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Jock itch often originates in the crease next to the upper thigh and may spread to surrounding skin folds, the upper thigh and the buttocks, states WebMD. Though it affects the groin area, jock itch does not typically spread to the scrotum or penis. Other symptoms of jock itch include pain, odor and itching, according to MedicineNet medical experts.

Factors that cause jock itch include fungus, moisture, irritation and bacterial overgrowth, explains MedicineNet. Overweight persons and those who sweat a lot are more susceptible to the fungal infection. While the condition is most common in men, females may also contract it. Some cases disappear on their own; others may require treatment with anti-fungal creams or antibiotics.

Keeping the genital and inner thigh areas dry, wearing clean clothes and avoiding the sharing of personal items are critical in preventing jock itch. Existing athlete's foot infections must also be treated to prevent their spread to the groin region.

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